Oscar Night 2012 | Photos

I watched the Oscars, well barely watched the Oscars. I was comfy in my bed, laptop in hand, and I was determined to get through the full show, from the red carpet to the last award was given. But I didn’t make it. I mean I saw all the highlights and important parts though, shrugs.


I saw Octavia Spencer accept her Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in The Help. She looked classy and grateful, even with the ugly cry.




Diddy Releases Statement after his win for the movie “Undefeated” which he Produced.

Waking up the day after such an incredible experience is humbling.

I have had so many dreams, some came true others are still being worked on. That said, being apart of a film that shows the drive and determination of kids who seemingly have no hope, no future, and nothing but obstacles, has taught me that there is a universal spirit of faith and character in all of us that binds us. Their story is my story, is our story, is your story at some real level, we can relate. Once the flame is ignited in us, nothing can stop us. I hope to be that spark that makes everyone believe anything is possible. God bless you all and I thank you for sharing in this honor with me.

Sean Combs.


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