Open Letter: STK Restaurant Allowed Drake To Ruin My Birthday Because He’s A Celebrity!!!



Atlanta is so damn “Hollywood”. Everybody here wants to be a celebrity, rapper or a stripper. Regular working class people get over looked and pushed to the side for celebs.

I received a letter from a young lady who was devastated after her birthday dinner was ruined because Drake decided to dine in at popular Atlanta restaurant STK. The upscale restaurant manager acted very ratchet and unprofessional in order to appease sensitive Drake.


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“As my 26th Birthday grew closer I was eager to celebrate it over dinner with my family and friends at STK. My guest that showed up promptly at 8pm were threatened at 830pm by the hostess that my reservation would be cancelled if the complete party does not show. I was infuriated that hostess informed my guest of this matter and not me, the contact person on the reservation. Needless to say this would be the first act of my very poor customer service experience at STK, a restaurant I was once very eager to dine at.

Promptly at 9pm, my entire party of ten was accounted for and was ready to be seated. The hostess briefly scanned my entire party as if she was counting to make sure it was ten of us but only to say that two of my male guests could not be permitted into the restaurant. I immediately asked why and she stated that they did not have on the appropriate shoes. Now both of my male guests were dressed similar in long sleeve button up shirts, slacks, and casual shoes. With that stated, I asked for the hostess to show me on the website or somewhere in the lobby where such dress code is visible. Surprisingly, she could not produce the material in black/white and she proceeded with seating my party. As I walked with my party to our table, I apologized for what seemed to be an act of discrimination. I felt horrible for the embarrassment as this was the place I invited them to celebrate with me at.

Once seated at our table, I brushed off both negative experiences and told myself that my birthday night was not over and it was still time to make it a wonderful and memorable night at STK. My guest and I shared many of favorite stories and laughs while we ate dinner and saluted over wine and spirits.  We were really all relaxed and enjoying ourselves until my waitress presented our bills without asking if any of us needed our food boxed to-go, if we were having dessert, or even if we were done dining for the night. Not to mention, our waitress was accompanied by three additional staff members that instructed we paid our bills promptly. My party and I obliged by paying our bills as instructed. While paying our bills, more additional staff members came to clear the table; this is when is when I informed my original waitress I was ready for my birthday cake to be brought out. She asked for a description of the cake which I provided and she stated it would be brought out momentarily. I told her that would be fine because I was going to the lavatory to freshen up for more birthday pictures.

While freshening up in the lavatory, I was suddenly approached by some of the women in my party stating that a manager of STK stated if we could wrap up my reservation by enjoying alcoholic shots complimentary of the restaurant.  I then proceeded to my table to decline the offer and to wait on my birthday cake to be brought out. Once I approached the vicinity of my table, I was instructed by management that my party had been moved to a different location of the restaurant. In addition, he stated that my cake had been placed in a box and I would have to move my party to another location.

 My party was forced to move to accommodate a celebrity artist known as Drake.  When the celebrity and his entourage came in they were not asked to leave, although they were dressed in casual clothes such as white tee-shirts and sneakers. They were being treated like royalty while my guest and I were being treated as if we were not customers spending our hard working monies in this establishment. My party was not seated at a regular table to accommodate ten guests. My party of ten was seated in a waiting area in the front of the restaurant which individuals were required to stand up.

Meanwhile, another server brought me my cake in a box and dropped it on the coffee table that we were assigned. She was in such a hurry to assist Drake and his entourage that she fled away not knowing that my cake was not intact anymore. I had a two tier customized cake that was destroyed due to it being mishandled by STK staff members. At this point I was irate, and I demanded that I speak to someone in management regarding what I was experiencing.  Management declined to speak to me so I went to the hostess desk to inquire about corporate information. I was approached by a gentleman who instructed me to leave the premises. I informed him that I was trying to receive corporate information to inform them of the service that I was undergoing. He told me that the managers wanted me to leave from the restaurant and he forcefully pulled me out of the restaurant and stated the police were on the way to take me to jail for trespassing I was threatened to be arrested and I was assaulted upon leaving the restaurant because I inquired about corporate information. Please note that I have informed my legal representative regarding the assault and discrimination claim.  This by far has been the worst birthday experience that I have endured.”    

Terrika C.


  • Gossipthat
    oh damn!
  • Sad, but it’s not Drake’s fault, it’s the STK. I hope she complained to the restaurant corporate offices, and not just here, free steak!! STK in Midtown has great service.
  • MrsGrapevine
    Because Drake brings in more publicity and his tab will be much bigger.
  • twanatells
    Wow the manager is always suppose to speak to the customer if requested no matter what. Thats sad but I agree it wasn’t Drakes fault it was definitly STK and their groupie staff that messed up her birthday dinner
  • Money talks point, blank period!
  • KiaSoto
    wow stk atlanta so disappointed in that and their behavior
    Damn that’s crazy. I would have been upset.
  • yazmar
    SMH, not even surprised
  • Firecracker
    Thanks so much for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂
  • Any updates?