October – The Last Quarter



We are here…The last quarter of the year. I went back and re-read a blog I posted two years ago. My life was flowing with the stream. Things then seemed to be just about perfect. I had just moved into a new home, my kids were doing great in school. I was not really in a relationship, but I was not lonely, I was content.

Now there has been a big rock thrown into the middle of my world. I once had it all together, but now life seems so chaotic. Uncomfortable moments usually mean growth or either room to grow. My home life is a little uneasy, being that my over bearing mother came to live with me for a few short months. I do not have freedom within my own home. My relationship status is so rocky that I would not even attempt to define it. My work hasn’t been maintained in the way I envisioned. I am knocking on thirty and I feel like I want to pause life just for a moment to just breath and catch my breathe.

The phrase be careful what you wish for because you just might get it, is so real. I looked over my goal list for ‘2016’ some of the things I wanted came to me in the most trying ways. One of my goals was to be a better listener. The Universe heard my request and certainly put me in positions where I had to stop what I was doing and listen. I’ve often heard what a person was saying but still ended up comprehending what I wanted to hear. I’ve had people in my life to challenge me to listen and understand them. Even though this was a goal of mine, the way it was delivered to me was so brash.

My vibrant light attracts the vibes of my life. I am ecstatic that I am in the season of growth. I want to evolve into my better self. Let’s grow together. Let me know how the last quarter of the year is going in your life.