Nikko Smith Releases Song ‘I’m Ready Girl’ About Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’s Mimi Faust


We all know Mimi Faust attempted to go get a new boo to prove she was over her baby daddy, Stevie J but something keeps Mimi on that bus. Mimi’s been in an on again off again relationship with Nikko Smith. I do not know anything about this guy, other than he looks like Stevie and that he’s Mimi’s good boo. According to the rumors, Nikko is an opportunist that is only using Mimi to get 15 minutes of fame. K. Michelle called Nikko a downlow brother, undercover gay, hence the K. beef with Mimi.

Nikko recently released visuals for his song ‘I’m Ready Girl’. The song seems like it’s written for Mimi and their complicated relationship. Checkout the video over at Cotten Kandi.


He tried. 

  • Chile that Stevie J bus is a death trap lol.. Them chicks be there til death do them part and ain’t nobody got no papers or no ring!