Nicki Minaj Ft. Chris Brown ‘Right By My Side’ + Nicki’s Complex Shoot [Gallery]

The latest song release, from our ass injected favorite female rapper Ninja Nicki, is entitled ‘Right By My Side’ featuring Chris Brown. The song is rather mediocre. I like the end of the song (when the music stops) when she stops singing her auto-tune lyrics and actually raps. I miss the stoop days, but I guess she deaded off old Nicki, with Pink Friday. Now with Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded on the way, we may never get our girl back.

Nicki Minaj is more appealing to the Pop charts, rather than Hip Hop. I guess that’s where the money is. I’m tired of this singing songy sh-t from her, damn. I hope the album is good. Please let the album not suck balls!

Listen Here:

The song may be unexceptional, but the pictures Nicki recently shot for Complex magazine are rather exceptional. She looks sizzling. She knows how to take a photo. Wish I could get the same results from her music.