Nicki Minaj Diss Mariah and Nick On Ciara’s ‘I’m Out’ Song

ciara-nicki minaj-beef-mariah-nick-cannon

Ciara new record ‘I’m Out’ featuring Nicki Minaj leaked. Everyone has been talking about the song and not because it’s the best song we’ve ever heard. Everyone is talking about Nicki Minaj’s controversial lyrics. Onika is throwing shots at some R&B chick and I believe it’s Mariah Carey and her husband Nick Canon.


Check out the some of the lyrics to Ciara Featuring Nicki Minaj ‘I’m Out’:

Nicki Minaj
Ayo CiCi
Let me show you how to do a singing b*tch greasy
You were by Lenox yea the one on Peachtree
I was with Demetri
Seen you on your Love  & Hip Hop, Mandeecees

You gon’ play me?
On Instagram n*gga trynna shade me
But your b*tch at home trynna play me
I’m Nicki M. Weezy F. Baby
Man fuck you & your lady
Gun butt you cause you shady.
Now which b*tch want it
cause that b*tch get it

I love me some Mariah, but I liked Nicki’s verse. Nicki and Mariah has had beef for along time. Nick talked negatively about Nicki in defense of his wife. Nice come back, Nicki.

WATCH FULL VIDEO: Ciara Featuring Nicki Minaj ‘I’m Out’ [Video]

Is it me or did Nicki Minaj completely out shined Ciara on this record, listen below:


  • Twana Tells
    Nicki Went in
  • KiaSoto
    nicki went in and soon she will be where ciara’s at
  • MrsGrapevine
    Could also be Chris Brown and Rihanna. IDK
    The song’s okay. She needs a hit though.
  • Yazmar
    Umm, I need them BOTH to have an everlasting seat
  • They need to just mud wrestle and get it over with.
  • HollywoodHiccups
    Nicki is not nice… no one cares about her feud. Just make good music!
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