New Show Alert | Bring It #DD4L



Have you guys gotten a chance to watch Lifetime’s new dance competition series Bring It? At first I was a little skeptical about the show, only because it looked like it was going to be about young African-American girls pop, locking and dropping it on TV. After giving the show a real chance, I realized that it is actually good.

The show basis is centered on a dance team, The Dancing Dolls located in Jackson, MS. Being that I am from a small country town; I understand how important it is to have something to do with your spare time. The girls are involved in dance competitions, that take real dedication and practice.

The creator of The Dancing Dolls dance team, Dianna Williams is a firecracker. Miss Dianna is slightly crazy. She makes me laugh the way she goes hard. She talks to these girls like they are grown women sometimes, in order to get them together. She is coming from a place of love rather than negativity.

The moms on the show are something else, as well. They can be a bit ratchet at times. On one episode the moms almost get into a fight, resulting in a wig being snatched off. I can respect them for being true to their characters but it can come off as a bit much.

I am falling in love with the young girls on the team. They remind me of myself when I was younger. They just want to do a good job and perfect their dancing skills. They have goals, that they are working towards, rather than having their mind focused on little boys. Most of them have aspirations of becoming professional cheerleaders or cheering in college. They are doing something positive with their spare time and that’s commendable. Back in the day, I was a majorette. Even though I am not the best dancer, it was an experience that I will never forget.

If you haven’t checked out the show, give it a chance you may like it. It airs Wednesday nights on Lifetime.

  • Maurianna
    I like this show. Dianna is cray cray.