New Music – Sevyn Streeter FT. Kid Ink ‘Next’ Remix


Sevyn Streeter is one of my favorite new artist. Her latest EP  ‘Call Me Crazy, But..’ was tastefully put together. The singer put out 7 songs, that conveyed the beginning to the end of a relationship cycle. I could indentify with most of the songs on the EP.

Her lastest single from ‘Call Me Crazy, But…’ is ‘Next’  Remix featuring Kid Ink. I really like this song, honestly I could have done without Kid Ink’s verse.

Checkout the song below:



It’s something between us,
Certain fire in our love
It’s unreleasable, unbelievable!
We’re miserable apart, but together it’s so hard
All I need to know, Oh, all I need to know
How could my ex-boyfriend, be my next-boyfriend?
My ex-boyfriend, be my next-boyfriend
How could my ex-boyfriend, be my next-boyfriend?
I need to know-ow-ow-ooow, ohhh, oh!

[Verse 2:]
Every time we break-up
We turn around and we make up
Momma wonder when I’m gone wake up
But he love my face with no make-up, yeah!
And every time I call’em, we end up having a problem
And I know we probably never solve it, hmmm
But damn, I really love him!