New Music | Nicki Minaj Roman Reloaded

Nicki Minaj’s Roman Reloaded shocked me. I so thought, the next single would be some bubbly vulgar trash, but I like Roman Reloaded. Nicki’s feeling herself after she made MTV’s Hottest MCs list Ranking #4. This accolade, gave Nicki energy to spit the hardcore fire, she first hit the scene with. I must admit, this is the Nicki I like, not all that playing animated sh-t. But the commercial Nic is cool too. Do what you gotta do. We can all can see that she’s getting endorsements. How many rappers do you know have deals with Mattel? No one can knock your hustle when money’s coming in and your entire crews eating.

Now some may say they are getting tired of the subliminal shots going out towards Lil Kim. It is getting a little old, but it’s still funny to me.

Peep some of the lyrics below:

I guess I went commercial

just shot a commercial

When I flew to the set tho, I ain’t fly commercial

& the ad is global, your ad is local

when we shot it was a lot of different agriculturals

So I laugh at hopefuls

Nicki pop

only thing that pop

is my endorsement op

Rihanna had to go and enforce the glock….

Bang, my clip bang, it bang bang

Bang, my clip bang, it bang bang

Is it me or did I put these rap bitches on the map again

You mad cus I’m at the grammy’s with the Vatican

You in the booth but I’m the one who you be channeling

Why they never bring your name up on the panel then?

Hottest MCs

top five

You need money? I got mine.

More knots than Eric on Basketball Wives…..

Video Below: