New Music | Kanye West ‘Theraflu’ + Kimye Smashing?

Kanye West recently released a new song called Theraflu.  The song is filled with juicy punchlines, over a nice beat, with no auto tune. I feel this record was more of a hahaha, look at me, I’m winning track. Nothing, that I’ll ride to, but it was cute for him.  Kanye knows how to throw shade, like a true queen.

And I’ll admit I fell in love with Kim/ ‘Round the same time she fell in love him/ That’s cool, baby girl do your thing/ Lucky I ain’t have Jay drop him from the team

Now the track leads me to believe that, Kim Kardashian and Kanye were  smashing, while she was involved with Kris Humphries.  Kim, is a fame whore as well as an actual little sexual freak whore, which in her case isn’t such a bad thing. The pros of her actions, keeps her in designer fashion, plus a bank account bigger than the law should allow. The cons of her actions, is she will never find a man in his right mind, that would really, love her for her, everybody knows her ho sh-t stinks.

Although, I do believe Kim K & Kanye makes the perfect ‘fake‘ couple. They are two self-centered, egotistical people, who can’t give their all to a relationship. They both are wrapped up in their own worlds to notice neglect from each other. I bet they have boring sex! The probably  just stare at their own bodies on camera.

Side-note, tho…..

Let’s not forget about Amber Rose statement regarding  Kim K sending nudes, to Kanye while she and Kanye were still in a relationship.