New Music | Drake ‘Days In The East’ : Inspired By Rihanna



Say whatever you want about Drake but he is a good rapper. He makes excellent music. Even if you don’t like him I sure you like atleast one of his song. The rapper released ‘Draft Day’ earlier this week and this morning April 3rd he released ‘Days In The East’ which was reportedly called ‘Call On Me’.

Because he’s been spotted out with Rihanna, people are saying that this song was possible written in reference to their relationship.

Peep some of ‘Days In The East’ lyrics below:

“I’m terrible at inviting myself, call me over
Those nights when you need someone else call me over
You can be the one to take control call me over
When I get there, you already know, call me.

Was Drake taking shots at Chris Brown, who is currently locked up.

“Told you about giving him chances and chances and chances
He’s not holding you down, he’s holding you back right now.”