New Music: A’Justice – Special


I get excited when I find new music that sounds good. I have to share my good gems with my loyal readers. Are you guys tired of hearing the same type of love songs? It is so refreshing to hear music that doesn’t sound like all the other songs on the radio.

Singer, songwriter A’Justice has a new banger entitled ‘Special.’ Without a doubt the uniqueness of this song will transcend genres. A’Justice, sultry but angelic voice over this exquisitely produced Lytton Scott beat, makes for one hell of a song, that’s speaks to my heart.

Listen below and let me know if you feel the same.





A’Justice is a singer, songwriter and musician out of Atlanta, Georgia.

Born in Atlanta Georgia, A’Justice’s family relocated to Columbus,Ohio where she discovered her love for music of all kind.

Writing her first complete song as young as 8 years old, A’Justice felt most comfortable expressing herself through art and music. A’Justice swiftly moved back to Atlanta after high school to pursue her music career.

Now it’s common to hear the sultry singer’s distinct raspy voice singing songs lyrically expressing her feelings of sensuality and self discovery. The sassy songstress sites OutKast, Kid Cudi ,Lauryn Hill , India Arie and Brandy as just a few of her musical influences. Her first project ‘Queen Of The Fall’ is set to drop this summer.