Nene Leakes Makes Gregg Sign Prenup + We Find Out About His 5 Kids



Nene Leakes is not booking a wedding without the proper paperwork involved. This “very rich b*tch” is not here for getting hitched the second time around without a prenuptial agreement. I do not blame her though.


Last night on the first episode of ‘I Dream Of Nene: The Wedding Special’ Mrs. Leakes showed us that she wasn’t playing any games. She had a meeting with her divorce attorney to draw up a prenup for her good boo, Gregg Leakes.  Some people may look at pre-marital agreements in a negative light. Some say prenups are like playing your divorce, while planning you marriage. I would rather be safe than sorry. Nene is correct for wanting to secure her coins!!

“It’s just a difficult thing to talk about. In real life, it is about business. I have been divorced before with the same person and I always tease Greg, because I know the way he fights in court.”

“It’s not to say that I don’t want to share with you. It will be easier if we work our differences out now then if we were to ever get divorced again. Even if we were to break up, I wouldn’t want to see him down in any way. I think a prenup is simple business, and it was a deal breaker for me.”





Nene also opened up about Gregg’s five children. I knew he had kids but I didn’t know how many. No wonder Nene is not here getting married without the paperwork to back it up. Nene has two boys and a grandbaby herself, between her and Gregg they have a pretty big blended family.

Nene doesn’t feel the love from Gregg’s kids:

I feel like his kids have always been against me. It feels like they feel like I had something to do with Gregg and their mom breakup. It’s jus so weird that you never tried to bring us together.