Naya Rivera Married


Naya Rivera has gotten married! I did not know she was dating anyone. Last I heard she broke up with Big Sean after she was fired from Glee, allegedly.

Naya Rivera was just using Big Sean for her music career. I never really thought she was that into him. It’s funny because Big Sean left his long term girlfriend, Ashley thinking he was coming up. Now it seems like he is the one heart broken!!


Hollywood Life Reports:

Naya Rivera and Ryan Dorsey are officially husband and wife! They shocked everyone with their impromptu wedding but they gave us all clues the entire weekend. Naya was pretty open about sharing pics from her wedding weekend on Instagram and we love that we can celebrate with her.

  • I am so confused by this. She got married on the day Big Sean and her booked. She even wore the wedding dress she picked out for the Big Sean wedding. I hope to God she did this for publicity.
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  • KiaSoto
    clearly she needs attention or never stopped seeing him
  • Talk about sticking to a deadline! She said she wanted to get married, so she did!