Natural Vitality Calm Magnesium Powder Initial Review




I recently visited my local herbal store to talk to a herbalist about getting something to help me sleep better at night. I am a hustler (for real) and hustler never sleep, look at Diddy (lol). Honestly I need to get more rest, so I decided to go the natural route. My herbalist suggested a product called “Natural Vitality: Natural Calm” which has several great benefits, which includes helping with sleep, reducing stress levels. The product also improves mood, decreases muscle cramps and soreness, relieves constipation, it’s great for teeth, gums, hair and it even improves digestions.

I have had the product for about a week now, but honestly I’ve only taken it about twice. I am going to use the product a little longer before I give an intensive review. So far I like it.


Natural Calm is a supplement developed through Peter Gillham’s Natural Vitality line of products. Natural Calm contains both calcium and magnesium in order to provide the user with a natural stress reliever. Natural Calm is also purported to keep the heart healthy. The supplement is available as concentrate and should be consumed after blending with water.