Natalie Nunn The Baddest Bad Girl?

I’m not going to pretend like I’m too sanctified and holy to watch Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club. I have watched every season. The girls come into that house for what, to make a total fool out of themselves? It’s pure entertainment, you know the ratchet kind. I don’t see how being in a house full of other “bad girls” is supposed to help you change for the better.

Each season girls come on the show to prove that they are the “bad” and that they should be there. I would rather not have the title ‘bad’ because what is that gonna get you at the end of the day? All the self proclaimed baddies want the title of the “Baddest Bad Girl”. Natalie Nunn thought that she was the baddest bad girl, but that quickly changed after she was ran out Bad Girls Club: All Star Battle. Natalie always been a sheep in wolf’s clothing. Yea I said that right….

Head over to Mrs. GrapeVine to see little Nat Nat tucking her tail in between her legs and bowing out as ungracefully as possible. It’s actually pretty funny to watch. After all she didn’t want to see Mehgan Jame’s hands.



It’s been alleged that Natalie and Mehgan actually fought.

  • KiaSoto
    she is a hot married mess still
  • im not into bad girls!