Impeccable Exclusive: WeTv’s Jae Christian



If you watched WeTv’s Selling It: In The Atl, you are familiar with realtor, Jae Christian. From the show I gathered that Miss Jae was a firecracker. After sitting down and speaking with her, I quickly learned that she is so much more than what was shown on television.

Like most of us, Jae did not know exactly what she wanted to do after college. After interning with a real estate broker, she knew her heart would be in the real estate field. Her advice for young people out there, is to simply shadow or intern in a field you are interested in pursuing.

Watch the exclusive interview below. You’ll quickly learn that Jae is about her business, if you did not know before.

My favorite quote from the interview: “You have to be a hustler, you can’t be someone who gives up easily.”

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