Must Watch | Fantasia Singing & Twerking At The Same Damn Time?


Fantasia has been receiving a lot of great press lately. I love how she’s looking and I’m loving how she’s sounding even more. Recently she stopped by Andy Cohen’s ‘Watch What Happens’ along with actor Anthoney Mackie. This episode was very entertaining. Fantasia’s personality is very cool and Anthoney was great as well. The vibe was good.

Checkout Fanny singing along wih the youtube video of the woman twerking everywhere in the grocery store:


That lady in the video isn’t the only one who knows how to shake that thang. Fantasia knows how to back it up and drop it. In the video below she plays around with Kandi and shows how it’s really done. Fanny even goes as far as saying ifshe wasn’t a singer she’ll be a dancer…I guess bands will make Fanny dance.



They were too turnt up. Did you see Rasheeda, she seems like the type of chick who tries to be in everything even when her company is not wanted.