Momma Dee Goes In On Erica & Mignon Dixon On Camera


Somebody needs to get Momma Dee. This lady stays on one. I guess she lives by the phrase “Turn Down For What.” Momma Dee was captured intoxicated on camera once again, going in on Erica Dixon and her mother, Mignon Dixon. Why is she still so mad at Erica, I just don’t get it. Sometimes that’s how it is when you deal with a mommy’s boy with a idiot for a mother.

Momma Dee drunkly says:

F* Erica for being a trude ugly non s**sy b**ch. And no loving b**ch

How many people have grass in their yard? So Erica and her wilder-beast mother that eats grass you won’t have to hire a lawn mower cause they’ll eat your grass.


Lol…man, this is a mess. She too old to be getting that drunk.



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