Momma Dee Explains Why She Doesn’t Like Erica, Says She’ll Never Marry Lil Scrappy + Talks About The New Man In Her Life


Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Momma Dee did not hold much back in a recent interview she did with HOT 107.5. She went on an entire rant to try to  justify her reasoning as to why she doesn’t like Lil Scrappy’s baby momma, Erica Dixon. Momma Dee says she’s been having issues with Erica for the past 9 years. She also claims that Erica has tried to fight her in the past, which I can believe. Erica was a little strong on the last episode of LAHHATL but Momma Dee and her dry gelled down unblended hair has been overbearing and ridiculous for years. I can’t stand messy mothers.

Momma Dee also talks about her love for her new younger boo. Now I’m sure that man is looking for a man with a d—wait, I will NOT go there, today.

Checkout the video over at Twana Tells.