Mixtape | Tooty “First Degree Murder”


If you want to listen to rappers and songs with the same cadence and  lyrics all about nothing, you definitely will not get that with Tooty. This man brings a breath of fresh air to the smoggy world of hip hop.

I recently had the opportunity to listen to his mixtape: “First Degree Murder“. When I heard the name of the mixtape, I was thinking that I was going to be listening to another rapper talking about robbing, killing, and sipping lean but Tooty’s mixtape was much different. His music was very thought provoking and the production was great.

I personally like his songs where he talks about relationships or his dealings with females. My favorite song off the mixtape has to be “Chill With You.”

You guys should take a moment to listen to the mixtape, download and just enjoy.


Tooty – Rock star Ft. XVRHLDY (Prod. Caleb James) 

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