Mike Epps Still Loves His Evil Daughter

Mike Epps seems to have calmed down after he raised hell and threatened to physically harm his 18-year-old daughter, Bria. In the recording, he calls his daughter a ‘disrespectful b-tch’ after she said something horrible that wasn’t released to the media.

I think that Mike is crazy as hell. Most comedians are. It’s unfortunate that his family dirty laundry was released to the media. I think that Bria’s attitude is very bitter, she’s a lost child. She needs guidance. The way Mike handled the situation was incorrect. He’s a lost man, that needs to control his anger.

The reaction Bria got out of Mike was so intense. I feel that they are a lot alike. Mike probably has a psychotic side to him and that’s probably where this little girl gets it from.

Anywho TMZ asked Mike wth was going on and Mike said, with a huge smile on his face:

‘I love my daughter, but sometimes father and daughters have disagreements. It’s hard being a dad, especially a dad of a teenager … I still love her though. Love You Bria!’

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We know that Mike still wants to F- her up. What they need to do, is go to see TD Jakes, to get some Jesus in their lives.