Mendeecees Harris Out Of Jail



Love & Hip Hop’s Yandy Smith is in good spirits (as she should be) her fiancé/child’s father Mandeecees Harris is finally home from being incarcerated. An article was released on Yandy’s Online Magazine site: Everything Girls Love detailing how exactly he was able to get out. As I understand it he is only out on bail, so chances are he might have to go back.



Over the last year, EGL’s own Yandy Smith has been open in sharing her journey with fiance’Mendeecees Harris. Harris was released tonight on a 600K bail of which 300k was secured (200k from his fiance Miss Smith and 100k of his own funds.)

Details surrounding the terms of his release are have not surfaced. In an exclusive, Yandy stated ” We have been anticipating him getting bail for a while. As you know from the show, every time I got excited, circumstances came up and threw a wrench in the plan. So this time, I did not get exciteduntil I heard the judge say all the terms fwere excepted and bail was granted.”

Although Mendeecees has not seen his boys as of yet, Yandy confidently stated, ” I’m SURE it’s going to be like Christmas at our house.”

Mendeecees mentioned he’s excited to be home and is ready to make up for lost time with his sons and fiance’. Although, Yandy or Mendeecees can not comment about the case, we’re excited for him to be home with family!


  • twanatells
    Thats right Yandy girl bail your man out of jail
  • KiaSoto
    go girl i hope he doesn’t get sentence to big
  • HollywoodHiccups
    I bet she is super happy that he is out.
  • They do not make real chicks like that anymore.
  • Y@zmar
    It will be interesting to see the outcome of all this
  • So this is pretty much her ticket on being back on LHHNY next season. Yawn.
    She was so boring last series.