Mark Cuban Talks “Shark Tank”



Mark Cuban is one of the venture capitalists on ABC’s widely popular show, “Shark Tank.” Cuban plays hardball on his television show, but he’s nothing but nice and courteous in person, similar  to Simon Cowell. Unlike Cowell, Mark is tall (and pretty hot) and he does more than put his money behind aspiring singers, he invests in a wide array of products and companies.

Many of Cuban’s protégés arguably attain more commercial success than the majority of contestants on Cowell’s shows. Cuban is also the owner of The Dallas Mavericks. Shark Tank features business owners trying to convince Mark and a panel of four other wealthy and successful investors to help fund their companies in exchange for a percentage of their profits.

Whether or not a business owner manages to secure a deal after pitching to the Shark Tank panel, the publicity one attains from appearing on the show almost guarantees a huge spike in sales and profits following their episode. It’s a win-win for companies who appear on the show and for viewers who discover new products and businesses they would like to sample. Many of the show’s “losers” become winners on their own without walking away with an inked contract, which is pretty incredible.

I caught up with Cuban at a party in Los Angeles last month where we spoke about all things Shark Tank. Find out what he has to say about the new season below and don’t forget to tune into ABC Fridays at 9PM for all new episodes of Season 5 of Shark Tank!

POTP: “I’m obsessed with the show. I got my parents obsessed with it too. I know that Shark Week will be premiering before this season, which features an episodes of your favorite pitches. But do you ever feel bad watching the show back and seeing how you came across?

Mark: No. The only time I’m mean is if I think someone is trying to pull the wool over our eyes or the consumers eyes, then I’ll lay into them. When I think someone’s being arrogant, than I’ll lay into them. Other than that, I always try to be very supportive. I realize that people’s lives and dreams are on the line. Even if I don’t do a deal, or the other sharks don’t do a deal, I want to be supportive.

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    I am obsessed with this show, I love Mr. Wonderful!
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    Mark’s a cutie.
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