Mariah Carey Talks New Music, Trey Songz, Ariana Grande, Nick Cannon Being Jealous of Miguel, Nervous Breakdown + More [VIDEO]


Mariah Carey (surprisingly) stopped by Power 105’s The Breakfast Club to release her new single ‘You’re Mine (Eternal)’ Remix, featuring Trey Songz.

Mariah’s personality is so grand (& I absolutely love it darling). She is a diva, an icon, a legend. At the beginning of the interview her big personality was definitely showcased. Mariah had to get her lighting correct, while sipping on champagne with Godiva chocolates “splashed” (how extravagant). Even though she’s the ulitmate diva, she joked around and play throughout the entire interview.

Angela Yee, Charlamagne Tha God, and DJ Envy asked Mariah everything, from her time on American Idol, to her sex life with Nick Cannon, and even her alleged nervous breakdown. They did not go too far with MC, though. Charlamagne surely did not try that “vintage vagina” joke with Mrs. Carey-CANNON (he knew better).


Is JD managing you?

Mariah Carey: JD and I have merged our mutual entities together. Jermaine and I have been working together for ever.

What does Nick Cannon have to do for Mariah for Valentine’s day?

Mariah Carey: He’s not even going to be home from what I hear now.

How is it now having your career and taking care of your kids because I know it’s a full time job?

Nick has fun with the babies when they’re fun but when it gets to them interfering with other things, they go to the crib.

Nick says you guys have lots and lots of sex.

I can’t comment on Nick’s commentary. Nick needs to slow down and stop talking as much.

I asked Nick if you could still hit high notes and he said yes especially when I’m hitting it.

I hope Nick’s listening. I would prefer to have a certain degree of decorum versus just saying anything for laughs. [on his comedy show] He has a topic and I don’t want to get into it but I said ‘if you want to talk about this, that’s fine go ahead but that doesn’t mean I’m going to respond’.

Mariah Carey Performs at The BET Honors-Washington DC
There’s rumors that you guys are headed to divorce because of it?

[Joking] Yes, we’re going to divorce court after we leave…

I heard you’re giving a private concert in conjunction with St. Judes?

Yes, St. Jude’s hospital for the children. That’s what this contest was for the single “You’re Mine Eternal”. I’m hoping this will be an anthem for Valentine’s Day kind of like “We Belong Together” would be someone’s anthem. JD and I wrote that song together.

Cam’ron said you never dated but you shut down Damon Dash one time.

Oh my gosh, I have the footage. We love Dame Dash. He was talking about his socks and I said you still looking in a drawer, I don’t even know where my sock drawer is.

Everyone says Ariana Grande is a young Mariah Carey, how do you feel about that comparison?

I wish everybody all the best of luck and if this is the career path they choose I hope they can achieve longevity.

Jay Z says ‘don’t compare me to anybody, I’m offended’.

Jay Z says a lot of things I agree with.

Have you ever regretted anything you’ve ever done like Glitter?

Yes, I’ve regretted Glitter for the longest but now its was a cult classic and I own the masters so I can do any type of remix. What I regret is that I didn’t have the proper screenwriter. I didn’t have a script, they should have let Terrence Howard be the main character and that was a decision that the studio made. I love Terrence and it was a whole drama.

How do you deal with the rumors—you were on a boat with Miguel and it was a date and Nick was heartbroken about it?

It was not a date and Nick was not heart broken, that was ridiculous. He was on a show in Monaco. I was staying at a friend’s house because they invited me to stay there. I was singing, we sang a Spanglish remix and Miguel came and while he was there we said we would film [it]. You have to get to this place called the Blue Grotto which is like this cave in the middle of an atrium.I did not know Miguel was going and honestly he stole my shine for that moment. I thought that was going to be my moment in the Blue Grotto, I’ve been waiting for years. Miguel and I did the shots together and the bulk of the shots were better on him. But to get the shots, you have to be lying down because to get in this space is smaller than this area. Then Nick was all-mad about it and I was like ‘but why you could have been there, I didn’t tell you not to come you were an hour away’. We love Miguel by the way and I’m very grateful we worked together

There’s a rumor that you’re supposed to be mentoring Bobbi Kristina?

We haven’t spoken about it. I haven’t spoken to Bobbi Kristina recently.

Do you offer mentorship to your artist?

I didn’t have a mental breakdown, I had a diva fit because no body wanted to let me have a say. When you start so young in the industry they’re used to controlling you and when they realize, this person has a say and they can actually walk, my check could leave. It’s different now

So the rumors about you being suicidal were never true?

Suicidal, no. I would never do that, that’s against my faith.

Did you send your house in Bel-Air for 12.99 Million, it’s the latest rumor.

No darling and it’s quite the expenditure every month.