Mama Joyce Wild Antics On Real Housewives of Atlanta




The last episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta was good, thanks toKandi Burruss and the drama between her best friend and her Mom. The show had me in tears, not out of sympathy for Kandi, but for crying of laughter from Mama Joyce showing her butt. Mama Joyce has shown nothing but negativity regarding Kandi and her engagement. It doesn’t seem like the lady wants her daughter to be happy.  Mama Joyce was acting like a crack head, that didn’t have a crack pipe. She jumped up out of anger at Kandi’s friend, after insinuating that the friend was sleeping with Kandi’s fiancé Todd. She took off her shoes, like she was going to hit the poor girl with her shoe. Sometimes mother’s can be very over bearing and that’s exactly what Kandi has allowed her mother to be. I don’t know if Joyce really feels like Todd is a bad guy, or if she just doesn’t feel like he isn’t good enough for her daughter. Either way Mama needs to chill out.


Do you think that Kandi should stand up to her Mom or should she continue to let her run/ruin her life?