Love & Hip Hop’s Kaylin Garcia Defends Her Teeth + Erica Mena’s Infamous ‘Baby Daddy’ Attack

Love & Hip Hop: New York is serving all the kids during ratchet hour on twitter.

Everyone is tuning in and giving their opinion on the dramtic reality show. On the last episode the show stopper was Joe Budden’s girlfriend Kaylin Garia’s teeth.

Everyone went crazy when she opened her mouth and started to speak. Immediately you can tell that she’s young and naïve. She is a pretty girl with a seemingly intact self-esteem. When everybody started mentioning her in negative comments and parody pictures, such as the ones below she replied in a very mature manner:

“My man ain’t complaining soooooooo yeaaaa lol”

“Y’all dumb lol of course my teeth ain’t perfect”


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