Love & Hip Hop Star Mandeecees Harris Found Not Guilty + Yandy’s Reaction



Mandeecees Harris has been under a lot of scrutiny. He was charged with child molestation. His ex-girlfriend’s daughter claimed that he raped her and that he allegedly fathered her child.  How awful. Once you decide to put your life on national tv all types of ugly truths, lies and vivacious rumors can surface. Mandeecees can rest a little easier at night because the court ruled in his favor, Not Guilty.

Jurors began deliberating this morning at 11:30 after being charged by the judge. They returned to the courtroom at 1:45 to review revised verdict sheets and began deliberating again at 2 o’clock.

At 3 p.m., the jurors returned to the courtroom. DeAvila-Silebi told them the Bergen County Courthouse was closing because of the snowstorm and that they could return Monday to continue deliberations.

However, the juror asked to remain. Less than an hour later, they returned the verdicts.


Peep Yandy & Mandeecees’ Reaction to the good news:




Mandeecees is still is having legal troubles. He faces drug charges in New York for allegedly trafficking millions of dollars worth of heroin.