Love & Hip Hop Reunion Part 1 Shenanigans



Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Part 1 was entertaining to say the very least.  I am just still baffled as to why the cast members are so eager to share such intimate details on national television.

The addition of Sommore as the hostess for the show was a very wise choice.  I think Sommore is a better fit than Mona Scott Young.  Her personality just blends in better with the show.

Erica Pinkett is a bit bipolar.  On one hand she is a lil thug but on the other hand she is crying about a ‘bad’ past relationship.  If you can’t stand the heat stay out of the kitchen.




Erica Dixon really doesn’t have a storyline so she had to trap Lil’ Scrappy  in a couple of love escapades just to be relevant during the reunion show.  Bambi did have a point, there is a double standard.  When Bambi slept with Scrappy while Erica Dixon and Scrappy were engaged, Bambi was called a sidechick; however, when Erica Dixon is bragging about luring Scrappy into these sexcapades she is just considered Scrappy’s baby mama (cliche).  I absolutely, positively and unequivocally agree with Bambi – that is a double standard.  On another side note, Erica Dixon was really judgmental towards Mimi Faust and her sex tape situation but Erica Dixon is on television talking about all these sexual acts she’s been in with Scrappy and her daughter, Imani, is a lot older than Eva, Mimi’s daughter.  My main point is that Erica Dixon is very judgmental but she is the last person that should be judgmental towards anyone.




Yung Joc is really entertaining but he is just a womanizer.  He didn’t have any good intentions for Karlie Redd and he doesn’t have any good intention for Ms. Piggy either.   I do not know why these women are so thirsty – they are just real thirst buckets.  Karlie looks like a freak and it seems like she will do anything for a man.  Why do all these things behind closed doors when your guy is just going to go out and tell everyone. Karlie says she loved Joc, but did he love her? No she was just a smash and go.

It just does not seem that Karlie even cares about what is said about her in public when she was in a closed space when these acts occurred.  I am just from the generation that what goes on behind closed doors, stays behind closed doors but I guess that generational thinking is just long gone.  It is almost like no one has any shame in their game no matter how embarrassing.

The trailer for next week was off the chain.  Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez just charged Benzino and Althea.  I just do not like to see someone charge another person.  It’s a bitch move to catch someone off guard.  We will just have to tune in next week for Part II of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Stay tuned for more Nuggets of Wisdom from KBai.  ~Tootles