Love & Hip Hop New York’s Lore’l Gives Inside Scoop Alludes Erica Mena & Rich Dollaz Drug Use



On the last episode of Love & Hip Hop New York rapper Lore’l made her debut. In the beginning of the episode Lore’l seemed cool with Erica Mena and by the end of the episode Erica was at Lore’l’s throat. The beef between the two ladies is still going on.

Lore’l recently went on Power 105.1 and she set the record straight about the situation.

Lore’l on the altercation with Erica:
I feel like the Erica is crazy. That’s my personal opinion and an opinion of other people – everybody, period. & We were just in the club everything is fine then out of nowhere home girl went to the bathroom came back a little turned up and from there it was like Tazmanian Devil.

On how the beef started:
We was really outside for like 30 minutes and she was yelling and arguing with Rich. The argument was just going on & on and it was literally about nothing. I’m like yo, just get in the car, you’re embarrassing me. That’s how I felt. I just feel like you look like a maniac…..Erica done got her butt whipped so many times its not even funny, she just need to stop. Like you’re somebody’s mother and you’re out there doing all that…she should be ashamed of herself.

On Rich Dollaz Being On Drugs
I don’t know what it is, I don’t know if it’s the drinking or he’s hanging out with someone who’s dipping into  drugs and maybe they putting him on it….He looking like Bobby Brown, the lightskin version.

Checkout the interview below:

If you’ve never heard Lore’l rap checkout her music video to ‘Good Life’: