Love & Hip Hop: New York Reunion Show – Amina Is Pregnant, Rich Dollaz Says He Is In Love, Peter Gunz Love Triangle + More


The Love & Hip Hop: New York reunion was everything but real life. The drama from the show just spilled onto the reunion stage. Everyone seemed sad or mad and in a drama filled environment.




The show started out with the love triangle involving Erica Mena, Rich Dollaz, and Cyn Santana. Rich Dollaz admitted to still being in love with his good boo, Erica. Which made Cyn feel some type of way and it didn’t help that the show’s host Monique was basically rooting for Erica & Rich.

Honestly their is something about Erica and Cyn relationship that screams FAKE  (maybe because they look just alike).  If it is fake, they sure are good actors. Cyn seems to be deeply hurt and maybe she is.  Everyone involved with Erica seem to be passionate about her. I wonder if Erica has gold somewhere in her anatomy because they just can’t get enough of her craziness.


Nya Lee and Erica beefed on the the reunion, even tried to throw hands (which was so unnecessary). Anaya wasn’t even on the show long enough to have a spot on the couch in my opinion. Two black a** pots calling each other black and blacker.




Joe Budden & Tahiry are still going through their bullsh*t. It seems like Tahiry is finally over Joe. The fact that they have history complicates things.  Saying no to that proposal put the icing on the cake for me.


The love triangle between Peter Gunz, Amina, and Tara makes me sick to my stomach. I really cannot stand how he did Tara. As a women I feel sorry for her, but she needs to take accountability for being so pathetic. Peter Gunz is just a ratchet dog (with dirty feet). Amina Buddafly had the audacity to get on stage and perform with the man. To top it all off, Amina is pregnant.

A man like Peter gets no respect for me. He is a manipulating bastard, that is wreck less with his intentions, he does not care who he hurts by his actions.  Tara is still shedding tears over this man and it’s just ridiculous.

  • KiaSoto
    a hot ass messssssss
  • mlmkareem
    Rich Dollaz spit some real shit on that Reunion last night yo. i feel really bad for Erica Mena.