Love Day


The new trend is denouncing the importance of Valentine’s Day while placing value on being loved, every day not just one man made holiday. Trendy or not, I’ve been an advocate of receiving love all year long. Love is beautiful. Hi-lighting love for the right reason is never a bad thing.

Now that I am on my journey of truly living, I realize that the realist love comes  when you love yourself. The ego – well let me just be honest and say MY ego, for many years validated love with “gifts.” I was basically raised as an only child. So every holiday, birthday, or celebration I was showered with gifts. I can’t remember not getting something on Valentine’s Day. My ego was not concerned with what the gift was or who it was from, it was the satisfaction of just getting something and being acknowledged.


This morning after my gifts were delivered, I quickly arrange them on my desk place my pup, Cairo and took the most adorable pictures.

Monitoring my thoughts and actions, I realize that doing this was only feeding my ego. Who were the pictures for? Of course I am a blogger and pictures add value to my post, true….but I was not doing it for work reason. I did it because I was thrilled that I got something.

It is important that I check myself and my ego and become very aware of the things that I do as well as the things I think. The most important thing for me is making myself aware. Gifts mean nothing. A person can buy you the world and not really love you. Love yourself. Find the value in you.

Check your ego sometimes and admire the power that is in each present moment.