Lil’ Wayne & Christina Milian Friends Turned Lovers?

Lil' Wayne and Christina Milian Dating

Where there is smoke there is some fire. Lil’ Wayne and Chrisitina Milian were in midst of several dating rumors. Everyone speculated that Wayne and Tina Turnup were secretly dating each other.

Their situation is very awkward. I don’t think Tyler Perry could have written a better story line.

Christina was once married to singer and super producerThe Dream, who was once married to singer Nivea, who was involved in a long term relationship with Lil’ Wayne. Wayne and Nivea have a son together, Neal.  Christina and Nivea both have children with The Dream. Christina has violet, and I think Nivea have twins with The Dream. 

Too much swapping of sperm if you ask me.

I am forced to believe that Wayne and Christina did not plan to fall for each other, it had to just happen. Who would choose to be in this big mess of a situation. When you are friends with someone you can have the purist intentions and end of falling in  love.

People are looking at Christina like she is a fool. Nivea herself called Christina a scarecrow meaning she has no brain.

People cannot help who they love or who they fall in love with. Is it so hard to believe that two people working together on music connected on a level that they didn’t expect to happen. I may be naive about this situation, but I am honestly not mad at Lil’ Wayne or Christina. Sometimes things just happen. Things that you have no control over. Why walk away from the potential of being happy, for the rules society created.