Lil Scrappy’s Concubine Shay Johnson Talking Trash About Erica, Claims That Erica Was Always Scrappy’s Side Piece & Alleges She’s Pregnant By Married Man


Shay ‘Buckeey’ Johnson is so pathetic to me. She is still wrapped up into whatever Lil Scrappy is selling even after being humiliated numerous of times by him. Shay seems to lack common sense and self worth. From the below interview with The Breakfast Club, you can tell that she’s still upset about Scrappy relationship with Erica Dixon. Even if Erica and Scrappy aren’t together, he still wouldn’t seriously be Shay and that what hurts her the most. She tries to steady talk about Erica negatively but she can’t talk about anybody because of the things she’s done. She claimed that Erica was Scrappy’s side piece, but I don’t believe that. The majority of the interview was about Erica…Shay should put her energy into getting her mouth fixed.