Lil Scrappy Talking Trash About Erica Dixon Via Twitter


  Lil Scrappy and Erica Dixon just cannot get it right. We saw the young couple on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta trying to make it work, but it all went up in flames after Erica felt disrespected yet again by Momma Dee. Everything was all good on the last reunion show. Lil Scrappy and Erica were all smiles ready to jump the broom. Scrappy even humiliated his side chick Shay Johnson on live tv to prove his love for Erica.

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Now Scrappy is feed up with Erica. He alludes that she’s a fame whore. To see what he said head over to Diva Whispers, for all the juicy details. Lil Scrappy:

I’m so regrateful of even tryin to get married n putting that girl onna show who tries to ruin their baby daddy life n he help build urs.


Black people, Black people. Do better…Where is that Memph & Toya love?!