Lil Scrappy Admits That He Lied When He Said Erica Dixon Was Sleeping With A Married Man + He Shames Shay Johnson Again


The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion is going to be juicy. We already knew that Lil Scrappy and his ex-fiance’/Baby Momma Erica Dixon got into a bad argument, thanks to Shay ‘Buckeey’ Johnson spilling the beans on The Breakfast Club.


Watch: Shay Johnson Talking Trash About Erica, Claims That Erica Was Always Scrappy’s Side Piece & Alleges She’s Pregnant By Married Man



On the reunion show Scrappy accused Erica of sleeping with a married man, getting pregnant, and having an abortion. Now Scrappy’s has had a change of heart. He admits that he made the entire thing up.  I think that Erica was messing with a married guy, the news broke out about that after the first season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta ended. Either way Scrappy is trying to right his wrongs yet again.



He admits the truth about Erica, says he doesn’t mess with Shay anymore, and claims that Bambi was there for him when he was in rehab:


“Erica said some lil’ things about me that was negative and wasn’t right…it wasn’t right for me to answer back with that. She wasn’t messing with no married guy and I know she was never pregnant by nobody. I would have been stopped messing with her. I just want to tone that down because that is a lie and no I have not been messing with no, Shay. Even though I don’t have no hard feelings against nobody, because I don’t hold grudges – Ain’t nobody really messing with me when I was in my little rehab situation. I had one person that was, shoutouts to Bambi, she came to visit me a couple of times…I keep a distance from Shay because she wasn’t really instrumental in my rehab situation.”