Lil Kim Hits BET ‘Rip The Runway’ & Her Face Is Melting | PHOTOS


Aunt Kim

Omg! It’s melting, It’s melting. Somebody please tell me what is going on with Lil’ Kim’s face. She is looking more and more like Jocelyn Wildenstein (aka) Catwomen, every day. I just wish she go into a cave, hibernate and try that sh-t again.

No one wants to see Lil Kim lose, well maybe Nicki stans. She’s putting the nail in her own coffin by continuously f-cking up her face. Who on her team is rooting her on? Somebody needs to take her by the hand and say “b-tch, you look like an ugly tranny.”

Auntie Kim was spotted on the red carpet of BET’S Rip The Runway. She is also performing on the show. I want to see Auntie rap and  do her thang, so I guess I’ll watch the coonery, that is BET.

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