Lil Kim Being Sued For 15 Million Dollars?


Lil Kim is being sued again. The rapper’s former business manager is suing her for not holding up her end of their contraction agreement which he claims cost his company 15 million dollars. The exact amount she’s being sued for hasn’t been revealed.

Andrew Ro says his company, International Rock Star Corp, inked a licensing deal with Kim back in August 2012 and planned to roll out a slew of products, including a perfume line, clothing line, vodka drink,energy drink, Steve Madden shoe line and even a honey maker.

Problem is Ro says Kim was a menace to work with and often refused to come to project meetings unless she was being paid extra for her time — making it difficult to get anything off the ground.

Not only that, he says when a project was finally executed — like herperfume — Kim refused to promote the product and then stopped taking their phone calls.

After Kim cut contact, Ro says she fired off a cease and desist letterregarding future projects too … and then filed a lawsuit claiming IRS tricked her into a bad licensing deal.

Ro fired back with his own suit, claiming Lil Kim’s to blame and her antics cost his company $15 million.

Via: TMZ



Kim better stop being such a diva. I just want her to win, but from the looks of it she like losing.

  • Don’t you have to sue them for at least what they have?
  • Kim wish she had $15 million
  • KiaSoto
    lol at toni she wish she had 15 million lol
  • yazmar
    Dang…Kim don’t have that kind of cash