LHHATL: Lil’ Scrappy VS Erica Child Support Drama



By now you all have saw the Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Reunion show. I watched for the pettiness of it all. One real situation that sparked from the show was the drama between Lil’ Scrappy and Erica Dixon. I have my own personal opinions on their personal family drama that was aired out on TV for the shake of ratings.

First thing first, I am a Mother. With that being said, I honestly do not think I’ll ever be on TV crying and showing my butt over a child support check. I just feel as though it is a little too much, and I can only imagine what their child have to deal with from her peers.



Secondly, I feel like ole’ thick neck Scrappy was dead wrong. From what I gathered from his rant, he thinks because he put Erica on a hot show that he does not have to financially support his child, other than the times he is with her…umm, no Sir. If their daughter is with Erica the majority of the time, why should Erica have to spend all of her money on the expenses the child needs?

That’s just like the average Joe getting the mother of his child a job where she makes a lot more money, than he says well now since you are working, making good money, I will not give you any money towards our child, because you are in the position to do it all.

If I am looking at this from the wrong point of view, please explain to me your opinion.