Kordell Stewart Claims Porsha’s Broke Because Of Her Poor Shopping Habbits

Kordell Stewart Claims Porsha’s Broke impeccable-imperfections

When you open the door to air your business on reality tv all kinds of demons follow, Kordell and Porsha Stewart are definitely learning this lesson.

Recently Porsha Stewart lead us to believe that her estranged, ugly husband Kordell locked her out of there home and forced to go live with her Mother. Something in Kordell’s water just ain’t clean or is it the BUTTermilk? Kordell is claiming that Porsha is trying to play the victim role in order to get the media on her side during their divorce. She doesn’t have to play the victim role, she is a victim and we saw that while she was fighting for her marriage on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.



Kordell let’s us hear his tea honey, per TMZ:

Here’s Kordell’s version of what happened:

KS says he texted Porsha, telling her he was changing the locks DAYS before he pulled the trigger. He claimed it was for security purposes and added, “If and when you need to get in give me a heads up.”

He says he even told his lawyer to get a list from Porsha of everything she needed to gain access to the marital home and he’d be happy to cover it. He added that she could get her belongings whenever she needed.

Kordell also argues that Porsha is a celebrity who makes a ton of cash, but due to her own “financial negligence” finds herself strapped … and living with her mother.

To make his point, Kordell claims Porsha uses her money for “grooming and clothing items” — rather than paying her bills — which he claims is why she had her condo foreclosed and failed to pay her taxes.

In light of all of this … Kordell is asking a judge shoot down her request for temporary relief.


Miss Porsha ain’t that dumb or either someone around her isn’t. Porsha is planning on having a judge to allow her to stay in the house, or order Kordell to support her lifestyle by giving her money for a suitable alternative residence. Let her live. He knew how fancy she was when he married her.