Kim Kardashian’s Having A Girl

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Kim Kardashian announced to the world the sex of her baby, on the season premiere ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians.’ On the show Kim says that Kanye West always wanted a little girl. You know Kanye wants to be just like Jay Z, that’s why he wanted a little girl. But a tleast Blue Ivy will have a little playmate, if the Carter’s allow it. I’m happy for Kimaye and I’m extremely happy that they aren’t having a son, right now.

ABC News Report:

Kim Kardashian celebrated her baby shower on Sunday, and a few hours later, the fans of her E! reality show got in on the fun, when it was revealed on the show that she and rapper Kanye West are expecting a girl.

“I’m thinking it’s a girl,” her physician Dr. Paul Crane said at her 19-week appointment.

“I’m so excited we’re having a girl. Who doesn’t want a girl?” Kardashian said. “They are the best and I know that’s really what Kanye has always wanted. He wanted a little girl.”

Kardashian, 32, learned the news during a doctor’s appointment that she went to with her mother, Kris Jenner, and her sisters, Kourtney and Khloe. So where was West?

“The baby was always in a position where you couldn’t tell the sex, and this time that you’er going to see on the show, [Kanye] was in London or Paris,” Khloe explained to Ryan Seacrest last week. “He had a concert.”

Before the announcement tonight, the couple worked hard to keep the baby’s gender a secret.

“We buy all white,” Kardashian told the Huffington Post in April. “Or we’ll go and buy both [boys’ and girls’ clothing], and then no one will know.”

Now, she’s just preparing herself for the delivery in a few weeks.

“At the beginning that was what I feared the most, and now, I mean, it’s inevitable,” she told the website. “It’s gonna happen. I’m really not worried or nervous.