Kim Kardashian Upstages Baby Sister Kylie In Black Bikini Selfie


Kim Kardashian is looking very fit these days (talking about  a total snatch back). Her body has changed drastically since loosing all the baby weight. I thought that she was going to be square shaped after she had baby Nori. To my surprise has whipped her body back. Her breasts are looking bigger than ever.


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Kim’s younger sister, Kylie Jenner uploaded a picture in a itty bitty black bikini, showing off her girlish figure. Kim turns around and takes a selfie in the same exact bikini that Kylie wore. Kim looked like a total sex kitten, maybe because she’s more voluptuous.


Kylie’s body is natural, no breast implants, no butt lift. Hopefully she does not undergo surgery to keep up with the Jones or in her case the Kardashian’s.


  • HollywoodHiccups

    OMG how disgusting these pics are so clearly photoshopped.

  • The swimsuit looks better on Kim.

  • ToniRox

    Kylie’s picture does look a little photoshopped, that or she has never owned a sports bra, and is this sister shade? Kim does look 10x better

  • Given that Kylie is forever being labeled the uglier one, compared to Kendall, why would Kim do this?

  • cottenkandi

    Kim should give Kylie back her bathing suit. The bottom is tight.