Kim Kardashian Dying To Be Sexy After Pregnancy


Kim Kardashian is  desperately trying to get her post baby body back. Before the baby Kim had the ideal body, hair, face, makeup; she was everything. Now that’s she a new mom, she’s lost a little of her spark. Not to say that she still isn’t fabulous and beautiful but she just looks sad and depressed all the time. This is taking away from her beauty. No matter how hard she tries, she not fooling me.



Our Kimmy stepped out looking rather sexy in an all black, flowing, low-cut Givency dress. She accompanied the look with her blonde locks, light natural makeup, and a dark lip. This is not the best look for Kim if you ask me. I need her to dye her hair back dark brown, and contour the heck out of her face. That’s what I’m used to. She set the standard, now she  has to live up to it, again.



  • cottenkandi
    The headline should read: Kim’s breasts take Paris fashion week.
  • HollywoodHiccups
    Well good look with that Kim….
  • Why is she so tanned?
  • KiaSoto
    she looks nice in that dress, a bit revealing but good
  • Gumbumper
    I heard she wanted people to look her boobs, so they won’t look at her weight.
    • Which is a shame, because he body is still perfectly hourglass. Riccardo refuses to dress Kim nice. He hates her. LOL
  • twanatells
    Kim really did look sexy in this dress. And I’m really liking this blonde hair on her
  • Sarah
    Kim looks like an idiot! What’s worse than her dress and her makeup is the sour look on her face. She’s so miserable with Kanye.