Khloe Kardashian Continues Standing By Her Lying Cheating Husband Lamar Odom


Khloe Kardashian seems to not believe the cheating rumors surrounding her husband, Lamar Odom. She’s trying to remain in high spirits. I am sure she doesn’t want to end up divorced and single..She recently uploaded a pic of her and her hubby looking pretty happy.



“Khloe Kardashian, the once strong sister, is now listening to Lamar Odom’s lies about Jennifer Richardson. I mean, come on, taking what he says at face value is only supposed to last the first year of marriage. The rest means digging through his phone, his car, and his “workout” bag. Otherwise you might as well find yourself a Kanye if all you wanted to do was be “yes” woman. “


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    Aww leave Khloe aloneee!!
  • Diva Whispers
    well it is her husband and all men make mistakes…its harder to leave than you think
    • I totally agree.. A lot harder to leave than most people think!
    • Diva Whispers
      girl yes
  • She’s doing that she thinks is right for her and her marriage! Everyone makes mistakes just as long as he doesn’t keep repeating them!
  • ★Javier__Duhhh★
    Girl you a good one you keep your man
    Ahhhh hope it ain’t true. I’m team Khloe!
  • Gumbumper
    I knew she would
  • KiaSoto
    yea i m team khloe too
  • I think this is staged. Just trying to keep you all interested into Kim loses the baby weight and shows off North
  • KiaSoto
    where else she gonna go???
  • HollywoodHiccups
    Poor girl, she is going to have to finally accept it!