Keyshia Cole’s New Outlook On Life

Keyshia Cole is no longer a bitter anger black woman. The songstress told that she’s in a happy place. Motherhood and marriage has changed her in a positive way.

“I’m in a happy place now. However, some of my fans are not. So I brought on a bunch of writers this time around… obviously I’m not in that place to write those kinds of songs.”

Keyshia’s new album is entitled ‘Women To Women’ seems as though it may be a little different from past albums. Keyshia tells Essence, that she’s evolved.

“I think that I’ve grown vocally and I think a lot of the songs are touching to me.”

Well I guess we’ll leave the anger to K. Michelle & Fantasia.

The latest single from Keyshia’s upcoming 4th studio album, is called ‘Enough Of No Love’ featuring Lil Wayne.