Keyshia Cole Says She Will Not Be Doing Anymore Reality Shows


I liked Keyshia Cole once upon a time. But after her BET reality ‘Family First’ I was unsure about her attitude, not to mention her unnecessary twitter rants. She seemed like an angry, bitter, mean spirited woman and a total prick to her husband, Daniel ‘Boobie’ Gibson. According to KC she was edited, by the show’s producers, to appear like an angry black woman. She says that she’s not like that all of the time. Because of how the BET reality show was produced and editing, Keyshia says she won’t be doing anymore reality shows.

To checkout the video head over to Twana Tells.

    I like Keyshia but I think she made herself look bad. BET has always supported her career in my opinion.
  • MrsGrapevine
    That’s not BET’s fault. It’s also not BET’s fault she tweeted about Michelle Williams. She makes herself look bad.
  • Spilldabeanz
    Keyshia starting to get a little too cocky…that’s the problem.
  • DivaWhispers
    Yeah she said she had a lot of other things going on too….
  • yazmar
    Keyshia is a ticking time bomb…She’s an angry bird with no couth
  • I feel for Keyshia. I’m starting to wonder if she has some sort of mental illness.
    • KiaSoto
  • KiaSoto
    keyshia u are a mess
  • Coffy Brown
    Wtf Cares? Look at her momma.. what u expect? Look how she treat her hubby? Get it together Keyshia!
  • Good! She needs to get some counseling or something! Anger issues!