Keyshia Cole Is Signing To YMCMB?


Keyshia Cole is in the studio working, on new music. Hopefully the music sounds good this time around. I am one of those people who likes when Keyshia’s singing about heart break and male bashing. Her music sounds better when she has that pain backing her, but that’s just my opionion.

Things with her estranged husband, Daniel ‘Boobie’ Gibson reportedly isn’t getting any better. I think heart broken KC is what we’re going to get.

Even though she may be going through a divorce, she seems to be getting her happy back without a man. Sometimes you have to learn how to be happy alone and work on self before you can give yourself to someone else.

On her reality show, it seemed like she wasn’t ready to be married or make compromises (she did her poor hubby wrong). She was definitely mad all the time and taking it out on him. If he wasn’t cheating I bet he wished we would have.

Keyshia posted the below picture to her Instagram with the caption: #SelfLove WcW RICHGIRL RICHGANG WhatChuBitchesWant.  (RichGang is what YMCMB CEO Birdman calls his crew.)



This pic was posted a couple weeks ago, she was hinting at it then. She even called Baby “Boss Man” Wonder when she’s going to make the official announcements. We know she gets along with the crew, Keyshia and Nicki Minaj worked together on  ‘I Ain’t Thru’ and she also worked with  Lil’ Wayne on  ‘Enough Of No Love’.



At stunner bday / cash money party.. It’s turned up in here!! Wayne, drake, tyga, Mack Maine , tezz, James harden etc… Happy bday to the bossman!!! #WhatUp

  • Last time Birdman took a picture with someone, everyone claimed they were dating. My guess, it’s just a picture.
  • twanatells
    she got Manny back on the team so I wouldn’t be surprised if she was getting ready to sign with Cash Money
  • Maybe she’ll get her music career back on track then.
  • Hopefully this will help her