Keyshia Cole Fires Off On Gucci Mane Song ‘Truth’ + Gucci’s ‘Truth’ Video

Keyshia Cole finds herself in the midst of good ole Atlanta rap beef.

We should start calling Keyshia the 20-12 version of Faith Evans, for an obvious reason. Well if you don’t know, I’m going to help you out with this comparison  Keyshia Cole’s name was used n Gucci Mane’s diss song entitled ‘Truth’  much like how Tupac referenced Faith in the diss to Biggie.

Gucci used Keyshia Cole’s name and accused her of sleeping with P. Diddy.

I did a song with Keyshia Cole and I know you still miss her

But Puff was fucking her while you was falling in love with her

Keyshia wasn’t to fond of what Gucci Mane had to say. The feisty singer denied all allegations, claiming that Gucci Mane is sparking up all this commotion just to sell a mixtape, how dreadful.

Keyshia Tweeted:

“That ain’t my business!! he’s lying! its all G tho,”

“Putting all ya trust in some of these ‘Hood Rappers’ How u gone be a G, and u spreading lies, To sell mix tapes! Where ya talent at??”

“Dude ain’t have 2 lie tho! could’ve kept me out of it,”

“I will continue 2 build what I’m working so hard accomplish! I’m married with a child, and don’t have no place in that none sense!”

Peep the ‘Truth’ Video below:

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Shakin’ My Head In Disbelief….This is the same sh-t that got Big & Pac killed.