Keyshia Cole Arrested After Allegedly Attacking A Lady In Birdman’s Bed



I reported to you guys first that Keyshia Cole and Birdman were dating. Well allegedly Birdman hasn’t been keeping it one hundred with Keyshia. She thought that he was only dating (or smashing) her, but that was not the case,if you believe all the blogs. Reportedly Birdman was laid up with some woman and Keyshia walked in on them. Keyshia got into a scuffle with the woman and somehow the police were called and Keyshia was thrown in jail.

Why does it seem like Keyshia is always getting cheated on? Maybe she should just give up men for a while and focus on being a mother to her son.

It doesn’t seem like she knows how to control her emotions. I hope she doesn’t end up having to serve prison time behind this little stunt…