Kevin McCall Uses Instagram To Express Frustrations With Eva Marcille



Kevin McCall and Eva Marcille relationship took a turn for the worst a few months ago. Allegedly Kevin tried to yank his new born baby Marley Rae, from Eva’s arm. After the attack happened, Eva filled a restraining order against Kevin. Recently she was granted full custody of their daughter.

Kevin has taken to his Instagram page to express how he feels about the situation. He uploaded the below picture with the caption:

“….they always try to use my babies against me. That’s the only way to get to me. Happy?”


  • MrsGrapevine
    Well, that’s definitely his child. That his little twin. People shouldn’t use babies in a fight. However a mother shouldn’t fear her life or the life the of her child, either.
  • That baby looks just like him
  • twanatells
    Im so tired of celebrities using Instagram to argue back and forth
  • HollywoodHiccups
    I don’t know why celebrities would take their life to social media.
  • twanatells
    Him and his daughter look just alike